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Staged Reading Series

September 30, 2008

Join us for our series of staged readings. Readings will be at either The Reston Used Book Shop at Lake Ann Plaza, beginning at 3:00 PM; or at the Greater Reston Arts Center at the Reston Town Center beginning at 6:00 PM. These readings are geared toward adults and are not appropriate for young audiences. Our last reading in the series, Cupid & Psyche, is appropriate for teens. This schedule is subject to change. 


September 20th
Reston Used Book Shop
Memory Houseby Kathleen Tolan, Directed by Maggie Ulmer


October 23rd GreaterRestonArtsCenter
October 25th
Reston Used Book Shop
A New Years Tale

by Penelope Ann Thoms, Directed by Chad Davis 


November 15th

The Sandreckoner

by Dan Dietz, Directed by Keith Bridges


December 11th
Big Loveby Charles Mee, Directed by Patrick Torres  


December 22nd & 23rd
Reston Used Book Shop
A Christmas Carolby Charles Dickens, Directed by Maggie Ulmer 


February 12th

Act a Lady by Jordan Harrison, Directed by Jessi Burgess 


March 19th
Cupid & Psyche by Joseph Fisher, Directed by Catherine Tripp


New news!

September 6, 2008

 SO much news… first : the open call was a resounding success! There were ( and still are) so many questions on the horizon for The Hub; one of large ones was: Was there a community of artists to draw from outside the beltway? Obviously not every actor on the planet lives in DC, but lets face it, the professional theatre community is by-in-large in the city. We are so thrilled not only by the sheer volume of attendees to our audition in Reston, but by the quality of artist as well. Yay! We were moved, inspired and all in all so thrilled to get down to casting our reading season as well as build up our casting data-base.

Other exciting news is our growing relationship with The Greater Reston Arts Center. They’re graciously hosting a number of our readings. Check out their website for information about this great organization and  their amazing exhibits. As they say: “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”. The Hub can also be found at the Reston Used Book Shop, another champion for the arts and a great book store to kill more than a few hours in. They’ve re-sold books for over 30 years and  they might be the only book store I know of with their own mascot and fan-club! Bibliophiles unite!

All in all we’re clicking along at a great pace. I’ll be back soon with information about our first mainstage season as well as info about the directors we’re lining up!

Talk soon…


the timpani is still going

September 3, 2008

There are many things in the works here at The Hub.  Those many things are still not 100% in writing yet, so we are careful not to post to early… but it is looking good and we are very excited.

Stay tuned for some nice juicy information sharing happening soon.