The Sandreckoner

November 7, 2008

I am a big Dan Dietz fan.  I have been ever since I heard a reading of his play Americamisfit.  I have read a couple of his other works and so I have to say that The Sandreckoner down right surprised me.  Dietz’s other work walks a much more surreal and absurd track, and this one is so rooted in the reality of such a stark moment in time.  I was also hesitant to love anything having to do with a mass shooting at a high school.  Not that this isn’t a powerful subject, just one that I am wary of.  The massive amount of pain surrounding the subject demands our respect when dealing with it artistically.  Dietz walks with confidence through this minefield.  I actually laughed out loud at moments in the script.  I also found my heart pounding at times.  If a play can do that much in a quick read, I knew it was worth hearing out loud.

I am very excited that Ian, Jimmy and Sheri agreed to read this piece, and Keith to direct the reading for The Hub; they are stellar. I am so curious to see its possibilities.  This show is heavy, but as I reread it last night I realized that it allows for the chance to heal.  It does not do it in an overly sentimental or Hallmark card kind of way.  There is no kitten hanging from a tree telling us to hang on, or swelling music to cue you toward the Kleenex box; but there is something more that we are left with.  What that is, and how it would be staged is still a mystery to me.  Come and watch it with us.  I would love to hear thoughts about this wonderful piece of writing.

November 15, 2008 at 3:00 PM
at the Reston Used Book Shop
The Sandreckoner
by Dan Dietz
Directed by Keith Bridges

Tragedy at the local high school has cost Harold Bix his job, his family, everything he holds dear. At the center of the whole mess is Donny Trombul; a kid who knows way more than he’s telling. On a sweet suburban evening in June, Harold invites Donny over for a long overdue conversation. Will Donny be the key to solving this terrible puzzle? A darkly comedic mystery about violence, the suburbs, and the search for answers.
*Featuring Ian LeValley, James Flanagan,& Sheri Herren

-Helen Pafumi, Artistic Director

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