Big Love

November 18, 2008

Big Love by Chuck Mee is our next offering in The Hub’s staged reading series. Inspired by what some believe to be the earliest surviving play of the western world, The Suppliant Women by Aeschylus, Big Love is raucous, and subtle, angry and tender, silly and completely serious. Which is why it is such an excellent study in the contradictory process of falling in love. While many will relate to it’s gender specific themes, the larger themes of connection and risking for love, in the face of fear, injustice and even death, flow seamlessly throughout this ridiculously weird, funny, and moving story. It strikes me that this story–  about 50 brides (who are sisters) who are betrothed forcibly to 50 grooms (who are their cousins) — echoes metaphoric strains of our current times. If that doesn’t make sense, all I can say is come see the reading. It’ll be worth it. I don’t know how I missed Chuck Mee’s work, as this is the first of his beautiful plays, I’ve read, but I am officially, a fan.

And, if we cannot embrace another
what hope do we have of life?
What hope is there to survive at all?
This is why: love trumps all.
Love is the highest law.”

Big Love by Charles Mee

Directed by Patrick Torres

December 11th, 6PM @ The Greater Reston Arts Center

-Maggie Ulmer, Artistic Director – Development and Outreach

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