Do you remember your high school sweetheart?

May 6, 2009

So we are heading into the home stretch of our first full production: The Pavilion, by Craig Wright. It’s been insane, and stressful, and … wonderful.  I had to think for a minute whether I could truly apply that word to this process, but I can. Parts of it have been so wonderful.

I wrote in an email to someone recently I will just be so glad when I’m sitting in the theatre, watching the show… breathing, and not worrying about whether our press list is enough ( I still want NPR coverage; we’re big dreamers over here) or selling adds for the program (which by the way– if you want ad space in our program, which will be seen by lots of folks in the NoVA region, email us for the specs: info@thehubtheatre.org)  but the truth is I wouldn’t trade this job for anything. Helen and I have many conversations that end in sudo-psychotic laughter, brought on by the delirium of exhaustion, but we’re here, and we’re sustained by 2 things:

1. We are honored by the tremendous artistry of all the folks that work with us, and by the people who stand beside us volunteering, donating, advising, investing… these people inspire us to keep going, without them, obviously The Hub wouldn’t exist.

2. It will get easier, right?

Well, in the mean time here’s a little promo for the show. It features Tim Getman, Niki Jacobsen, Jason Lott and Jeremy Skidmore, as well as the voice of Helen Pafumi. Filming and editing done by me.

See you at the show!

Maggie Ulmer

Artistic Director, Development and Outreach

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