How do you know it is good?

July 21, 2009

I am continually asked questions like “What plays do you like?”.  This is a great question.  It puts me to task and requires me to follow up that question with ones of my own. Why do I like certain plays? Why do  I choose certain work to be shared at The Hub?  What about a play makes it worth while for our audiences?  I know that both Maggie and I wrestle with these inquiries.

Now for the honest truth… its a crap shoot every time.  While I like to think I have good taste, what I like and what others like may diverge.  In the end, if it is a good story, one that I want to hear the end of, or characters I want to know more about, then I gravitate toward it.  Maggie and I have long discussions about which shows and what shows and why to do those shows.  I do not think it will ever get easy to select our seasons for The Hub, and I am glad.  Having it be a journey, and a hard one at that, will no doubt continue to bring forth work that stands up to the rigorous vetting process.

So now you want to know what we have planned?   Oh I bet you do.  The announcement of The Hub Theatre’s Season 2 will be coming soon.  Its already in the works and it is unadulterated in its awesomeness.

Keep a look out here and on our website.  Join our mailing list at www.thehubtheatre.org to find out first hand.

Helen Pafumi

Artistic Director

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