A Blog Post from Kristen Egermeier

November 10, 2009


I asked the lovely Kristen Egermeier to share some of her  thoughts and experiences since working on The Hub’s production of We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay! Here’s what she has to say:

One could argue that entertainment can heal the soul, a community, a world.  But what if we added a message and challenge on top of the laughter?  That has the potential to be a medicine like none other.  I believe that Dario Fo brings this school of thought to life with his many works, including We Won’t Pay!  We Won’t Pay! (I will try to keep the rest of my “artist speak,” as one might call my inane ramblings about being alive, in my body, freely moving, taking action, etc, to a minimum.)  The following is an account of some of my experiences and thoughts while working on this intriguing play.

From the first minute that I found out that I would be participating in WWP, the action began.  The researching, reading, and dreaming commenced.  This play not only inspired me, but made me work…hard.  At our first read- through, I knew I was surrounded by immense talent.  Time to step it up!  There is no greater feeling than being in a room with people who want to be there to create a new world with you.

Set up against all odds, we managed to create piece that makes our audiences laugh, and hopefully encourages them to act within their own communities.  Every night after our show and I leave our little theatre, I am reminded that I live in a world that is bigger than me.  There are so many people to help, to sympathize with, to bring joy to.

I have always been drawn to a heightened physicality on stage, and this production really gave me the opportunity to play with that.  From this playing, I discovered that I must be as alive and in control of my body as I aim for when performing this play.  What a blast it is to move to freely even when under the extreme tension and stress of the world our show lives in.

I have never laughed as hard as I have while working on this production.  I was definitely outside of my normal playing zone, so it was a tremendous comfort to share such light moments during our zany piece.

I am excited for our next two weeks of humor, joy, action, community, and will take my doses of these elements accordingly.

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