Wrap-Up and Next!

January 12, 2010

Hello Hub Friends,

I’m happy to say The Hub had a fantastic time during the Community Voices, urban-storytelling workshop this past weekend. Although we had no live story-telling immediately following the workshop I encourage the workshop attendees to check out The Soundry‘s Verbal Assault on Friday nights, were all things spoken (not sung, or played) are welcomed. I was beyond impressed with our storytellers and hope they grace their friends and loved ones with their tales; also that they tell there friends and loved ones to come to our next workshop… info coming soon.

Up next is the poignant and chilling one-woman show Dear Sara Jane by Victor Lodato, also gracing the stage at The Soundry. Go here to reserve your ticket now.

Dear Sara Jane is the story of a young wife awaiting the return of her husband from war, and all that will come home with him. After too many bourbons, she poses dangerous questions, and exposes nasty secrets. Sister and mother, fantasy and fact, it’s all twisted together in this mix of metaphysical stand-up and mad cabaret. One woman…not really alone…in this solo play with songs.

ALSO coming up: our next staged reading January 14th at The Greater Reston Arts Center. 410[GONE] by Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig. Directed by Michael Dove. Featuring the splendid talents of: Regina Aquino*, Jacob Yeh, Salma Qarnain*, Jason Lott* and Kristen Egermeier ( *member of AEA). All happening THIS Thursday at 7:30PM in Reston, VA.

So much happening and there’s still more to come. Stay tuned…

Maggie Ulmer


  1. Nice job with the workshop, Maggie. Thanks! Really enjoyed it. Hope you will be doing others in the future. Thanks to the Soundry for hosting, too.

    • Thanks Anne! It was a pleasure having you there. You did a great job.

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