Modern Myths and Celebrating Women in the Arts

April 28, 2010

Most women I know are practical and deal in the here and now, working through their days anticipating and addressing the needs of those around them, particularly if they are mothers and wives, as well as career professionals. Their lives are ones of perpetually interrupted streams of thought, of time stolen, cajoled, and demanded for themselves. These women are necessary, irreplaceable– and whether they succeed or epically fail they are often, the anchors of their circles.

These women who stoke the fires on all fronts are the subjects of the stories The Hub will present May 6th, 7th and 8th, as part of VCA’s Minds Wide Open festival which seeks to highlight the awesome breadth of artistic contributions made by women.

May 6th at 7:30PM at The Greater Reston Arts Center, The Hub will feature a new play by Kristen DeWulf  called Leto Legend:

Leto Legend tells the story of a real life superwoman, Charlie, who makes life at the top rung look easy. Except, it is not easy, and Charlie’s coming apart at the seams. Alternating between her real life and her alter superhero ego, Leto. Charlie struggles against her fans, feminists, family, and her own destructive hubris. As decisions become matters of life and death, will she be able to save the day?

Directed by Catherine Tripp. Featuring: Monalisa Arias, Rose McConnell, Barbara Papendorp, Casie Platt, Maggie Ulmer, and Kristen Garaffo

May 7th 7:30PM The Greater Reston Arts Center, The Hub presents Benched by Ally Currin:

Each day three mothers meet at the same park bench as their kids scamper off to play. Life’s not all fun and games for these ladies sharing their regular date at the playground. Enjoy their journey through the minefield of parenting, work, and life in this sparkling comedy about love and friendship

Directed by Jessica Lefkow. Featuring Dawn Ursula, Liz Mamana, and Tonya Beckman Ross.

May 8th 12:00PM at The Soundry The Hub presents a screening of Who Does She Think She Is? This film by Pamela Tanner Boll invites us to explore the difficult intersection of motherhood and creativity.

This artist-mama fest obviously reflects much of what The Hub’s core staff contends with on a real-life day-to-day basis. All three co-founders are mothers, wives, and artists. I invite you to come, enjoy, and see what we see. The humorous, painful, endearing, infuriating stories of “women who want” and marvel at the women artists who deftly tell their stories.

-Maggie Ulmer, Director of Education

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