we are cookin’

November 2, 2010

Although things may seem quiet on The Hub front, its far from true.  There is a lot in the mix and our staff are busy on many theatrical fronts.  Associate Artistic Director, Abigail Isaac was busy on Henry VIII at Folger Theatre (she Assistant Directed and Choreographed), Artistic Director Helen Pafumi just opened The Odd Couple at Theater J (she is playing Cecily Pigeon).  We have been toiling away on our new website which is looking awesome and will be open to the public very soon – we cannot wait for you to see it!  The amazing design team at Studio D11 have done an absolutely amazing job on the redesign.  In addition, Winter Theatre Camp registration is open and we are getting ready for campers and to begin production on the correlating show, MERRY, HAPPY…WHAT?

Speaking of MERRY, HAPPY…WHAT?, we will have our first read through with the full cast and crew this coming weekend.  We have expanded the run of the show, and with that longer run, we have added three ensemble members to the cast who will perform on the days when our campers are in school.  All the pieces are coming together.

We have a lot that is cooking here at The Hub so be on the look out for more news soon!

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