MERRY, HAPPY… WHAT? team assembles

November 9, 2010

9:30am on a Sunday may be too early for most actors but when it’s the only time to get the whole team together, you make it work! (Coffee, OJ and bagels help) The MERRY, HAPPY…WHAT? team gathered for the first time this weekend.  You know that magical moment when you hear the play spoken by the actors for the first time? We definitely had that magic!  There was a lot of giggling going on during the read, but there were also some very touching moments. The scene-stealer on Sunday was our composer, Eli Pafumi: age 11. You may not think someone so young could be a composer, but just wait until the beautiful music sings for itself.

And speaking of beautiful, we had our first production meeting Sunday morning as well. We’ll save the juicy details for later, but our scenic and lighting designers, Jessica Moretti and John Alexander, respectively, have a festive design in store for you.

Foreground: Kristen Egermeier, Victoria Longwell and David Zimmerman. Background: Helen Pafumi

Company member Danny Gavigan was also in attendance with a video camera. He interviewed the cast, so look for our MERRY, HAPPY… WHAT? promotion video!

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