Time is of the Essence

March 12, 2011

As we’re gearing up for Stephen Massicotte’s, The Clockmaker, we started wondering what it is about clocks that strike such a sentimental chord for people. It’s an interesting phenomenon. Many people have prized clocks in their possession; clocks passed down generation to generation, many of them no longer in working order.

These clocks are far too precious to sell or discard. They hold precious memories for us. Memories of … ancestors, moments, situations, anniversaries, graduations … relationships.

Do you have a sentimental clock? Share your story with us. We’d love to hear.


  1. I have strong memories to a cuckoo clock my grandfather always had in his house. My mom has it in her house now, but I don’t think it runs.

  2. My mother’s father, my grandfather, used to build grandfather’s clocks as a hobby. Once they were complete, he would sale them. There was always a buyer waiting for one of these beautiful pieces. But he built one that became his favorite. It was gorgeous–made from wood called ‘wormy chestnut.’ When he passed away, I was fortunate to receive the clock. It doesn’t run anymore, and it seems rather small compared to that gigantic clock from my childhood memories. But it’s special, and I love it dearly. Every time I go by that clock, I think of my grandpa.

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