November 26, 2011

We are busy putting together all the technical elements of WONDERFUL LIFE. It feels like we are working to create something new, and something nostalgic all in one. Nostalgia originally meant ‘to return home’. I like to think of The Hub as a home. Hopefully you are planning on returning “home” to The Hub for this engaging holiday piece. Our fabulous production team is doing gorgeous work. In the photo below, from left to right you can see Thomas Sowers, Brooke Robbins, Kyle Grant, Sarah Conte, and Gregg Henry.

For a little fun, here are some quotes from the tech rehearsal:

Thomas:  What were you looking for here?
Helen:  Something seismic, like the universe is ripping apart.
Thomas:  Sure, I have that right here in my sound library.

Gregg:  How is that lighting piece working?
Kyle:  Um… ok.
Gregg:  Why do you sound so sad when you say that?
Kyle:  No its fine.  I’m happy to be with you.

Sarah: This tree is huge.
Brooke:  I know, and it needs a ton more tinsel.

And as I type, in walked… Maria Vetsch, our awesome Costume Designer  for another fitting with my co-adaptor and star of Wonderful Life, Jason Lott.

It’s so lovely to see it all come together.  The last element will be you.  Join us at the theatre – we open next weekend!

-Helen Pafumi

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