Love 101

March 19, 2012

Rehearsals began this week for John & Beatrice.  It’s a lovely group to be with every day.  We all know each other and so the conversations about the play are open and easy.  It’s so interesting to tackle a play about love and relationships with people who are all familiar with one another.  It skips any awkward introductory period, and goes straight to the discussions of depth.  The shorthand is immensely helpful to the discovery of the play.

It also has given rise to us all sharing stories of past relationships.  No kissing and telling mind you, just revelations about how we have navigated tough moments with partners, or even more, what we learned from past loves.

So I put it out to you.  What is your greatest lesson in love?  What is the most helpful thing you have learned from a failed relationship?  Feel free to post anonymously!

John & Beatrice are struggling in their relationship – help them with a little love advice.

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