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Read The Clockmaker feature on page 6 in this week’s Fairfax Connection

April 23, 2011

There is a great article by David Siegel in this week’s Fairfax Connection (page 6) that showcases about our upcoming production of THE CLOCKMAKER. The article includes an overview of the show, and quotes the director and cast members! Check it out!


Kirsten Kelly Provides Vision and Direction

April 15, 2011

Award-winning stage director, Kirsten Kelly brings her vision and insight to The Hub Theatre’s production of The Clockmaker.

Director, The ClockmakerKirsten is a film and theatre director and theatre educator who lives in New York city. Her film credits include: “Tokyo/Vermont Counterpoint” short film (Beyond The Machine concert, Lincoln Center); “Asparagus! (Stalking the American Life)” (award-winning feature documentary on the 2006-7 film festival circuit; DVD released May 2008); “Juilliard Electronic Ensemble: Beyond The Machine Mission Video”. She was the Production Manager for three National Geographic Explorer episodes, “Science of Babies,” “Ultimate Hippos,” and “Inside North Korea with Lisa Ling.” Her theatre directing credits include: Co-creator of “CPS! Shakespeare” at Chicago Shakespeare Theater; Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet and Hamlet, Chicago Shakespeare (adaptations with cast of Chicago Public HS students and teachers), the Washington D.C. premiere of Boy Gets Girl by Rebecca Gillman (Helen Hayes Nomination, Best Direction), the midwest/Chicago premiere of David Mamet’s Boston Marriage (After Dark Award, Best Director), and Savage Love/Tongues with the Juilliard Percussion Ensemble, Lincoln Center.

For The Hub Theatre’s production of The Clockmaker by Stephen Massicotte and directed by Kirsten Kelly  runs at The Hub from April 29 – May 22. Tickets are now on sale at


Meet the Cast! Hello Andrés Talero!

April 15, 2011

Adolphus in The Hub Theatre's production of The ClockmakerAndrés Talero (Adolphus) is excited to be working with Hub Theatre for the first time! Previous credits include Waywayd Theatre: Freud Meets Girl (Oscar); Constellation Theatre: The Ramayana (Vibishana/Ensemble); Rorschach Theatre: Living Dead in Denmark (Horatio); Catalyst Theatre Company: Roundheads and Peakheads (Lopez), 1984 (Philpot); Doorway Arts Ensemble: Anima (James), GALA Hispanic Theatre: Elliot: A Soldier’s Fugue (Elliot), Valor (Tomillo), Agravio y Mujer. Andrés has also performed in the 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2008 Young Playwrights’ Theatre Festival for YPT. Andrés received his Bachelor’s in Theatre in 2006 from the University of Maryland. He would like to thank his family and amazing wife Lacey for her love and support.

For The Hub Theatre’s production of The Clockmaker, Andrés will play the role of Adolphus. The Clockmaker by Stephen Massicotte and directed by Kirsten Kelly  runs at The Hub from April 29 – May 22. Tickets are now on sale at


Hurts so good

September 29, 2010

It was easy to be attracted to SIRENS by Deborah Zoe Laufer.  I mean, its called SIRENS.  Everyone has had moments of indulging in something that is absolutely not good for us, even detrimental, but it feels so good so…

The idea of a siren calls up so many images – the beautiful woman and  water churning around ocean rocks.  You can almost hear the luring strains of siren song. Laufer explores that very mystery in her play.  She illumnates how sexy the unknown can be.  Siren song can be found in mythology quite easily, but it is just as readily discovered in the modern day. Why do we all sign on to facebook, search the internet, register for  Why do we launch out into night clubs, bars and nightlife?  What are we looking for?  Are we following that ever elusive, even addictive call of the siren?  It is the call of possibility, of something new and exciting, of something maybe even a little dangerous.  How delicious.

Join us on Thursday, October 7th at 7:30 at the Greater Reston Arts Center for a Free Staged Reading of SIRENS and take in the JOURNEY exhibit by Freya Grand.  The play and art resonate with each other beautifully.  Crash on the rocks with us…it hurts so good.


AUDITION for A Thousand Cranes @ The Hub!

June 17, 2009

The Hub Theatre is holding auditions for their summer family show: A Thousand Cranes, by Katherine Schultz Miller This is a PAID show.

*Needed: male and female Asian actors between the ages 18- 30.

*Please bring head-shot and resume to the audition.

*Please prepare a monologue of your choice.

*Please come knowing all conflicts between July 7th and August 9th

Auditions will be held Tuesday June 23rd, 7PM @

*1925 Isaac Newton Sq. E Suite 11o. Reston, Va 20190*


email– — for your audition slot. Notate show in subject line.

Callbacks, if needed will be held at the same location on Friday the 26th at 7PM.

Performance dates: July 31, Aug 1,2,7,8,9


Opening Night!

May 16, 2009

Is there a moment more fraught with excitement and relief in the theatre than opening night? Heh, maybe closing night is a close second, but we’re not quite there yet. The Hub Theatre’s inaugural production, The Pavilion opens to the public this evening. Before any seats get filled, I can confidently say we have accomplished a great thing.

Of course the work is far from over, but this is truly a milestone to be savored. I remember last winter when Mike Daisy was at Woolly Mammoth, talking about the broken relationships between theaters, and actors, and patrons, and the undervalued nature of theatre… and he’s right, it’s very far from a perfect industry. I would venture to say the majority of the folks who work in the arts air more on the side of self- sacrifice, than gain and wealth. But from where I stand what is to be gained from the accomplishment of giving so much is a nourishing and necessary part of the creative process.  It is, in many ways, what has kept me and Helen going. Unsolicited encouragement from community members has been its own currency  this first year. Money is good too, don’t get me wrong, money is good, and can help stave off a lot of the exhaustion that comes with this job. But if anything was proven to me this past year it is, theatre is not a dying medium. It is under- communicated, and undiscovered by many , many people, who, like actors and designers, directors, and artistic directors, are busy just trying to keep their corner of the universe afloat…

After Mike Daisy’s show there was a panel discussion, sort of a state of the union for theatre. During the discussion Michael Kahn, of The Shakespeare Theatre, referenced a story from Daisy’s show about a summer Dasiy and a few of his friends started their own theatre company, and ran all their shows in rep. By Mike Daisy’s account it was insane, and exhausting, and they had no money, and the stress pushed the relationships to their limits and on and on, and I can relate to all of these things. Daisy ends the story with how the theatre company never re-grouped for the next summer, but it was the best summer of his life. Michael Kahn’s comment was he wished Daisy had gone back the next summer; it would have been interesting to hear that story.

The Pavilion is a good story. Entwined with the play, and the lines that the actors speak is another story, about designers who built our set, and created the universe, and atmosphere of light, and sound, who dressed the characters, and put props in their hands, of actors who memorized, and grew to know the characters they speak for, of a stage manager and director, producers, and artistic directors, board members, volunteers…and finally audience. Our combined work– if all goes well, and as it should, won’t simply show the labor that’s been done, but will tell our story.

A story is a living thing and I don’t think it can ever die; we might forget for a while, but it’s still there.

The Universe begins with a story.

Maggie Ulmer

Artistic Director, Development and Outreach.


What I have been dying to tell you…

April 1, 2009

Hello everyone!

I’m thrilled to finally tell you the great news  we’ve been sitting on the last couple weeks:

We have a show; and it has a home.

The Hub Theatre is proud to present our inaugural stage production The Pavillion by Craig Wright at 1st Stage Spring Hill! located in Tysons Corner, VA, right off of the Dulles Toll Rd, and Route 7.


Tickets for the show are on sale NOW!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with 1st Stage they are, in the words of their artistic director, Mark Krikstan, “…a theatre that works like a teaching hospital.” It is exactly what it sounds like, a place where emerging professionals can cut their teeth in a nurturing theatre environment guided by experinced professionals. They’re wrapping up their first season, and are about to go into production for their  show, Red Herring by Michael Hollinger. Be sure to check them out!

There’s much more coming, but for now, as everyone at The Hub breathes a collective sigh of relief ( even if it’s just for a moment), let’s all bask in this one albatross of a detail that we figured out.

We have a show, and it has a home.

-Maggie Ulmer

Artistic Director, Outreach and Development