October 9, 2009


So we’re about three weeks out from opening We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay!. I’m happy to report everything is on track for a smashing opening night. This was one of the first plays Helen and I read and we knew, as so many people have already said, there just couldn’t be a better time for this story. Along with the economic relevance is a theme I’m particularly intrigued by: rules, laws, structures that in theory are supposed to help us but sometimes end up trapping us in unworkable situations. The thing I find most inspiring about Fo’s characters isn’t their throwing off of the rules and structures ( although it is mighty entertaining) but the manner in which they continue to offer support to one another. They abandon a broken system, but never each other. And it’s hilarious.

I encourage you all to come out and laugh ’till your sides hurt. Tickets on sale here!

PS- Anyone who can accurately guess the number of things Helen has stuffed under her coat gets a special prize!

-Maggie Ulmer, Artistic Director-Development and Outreach

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